Sheer Lavender Sachets


These colorful sheer sachets are filled with our fragrant dried French lavender flowers. Stock up on these versatile, affordable sachets to use as a gift for your loved ones or your office, home, drawer or closet. These sachets will surely freshen up your day.  Buy 9 get 1 Free!

All of our sachets and pillows are made in New York and filled with dried French lavender flowers grown on our North Fork farm on Long Island. Sachets can be used for multiple things including to freshen up linens, closets, drawers, naturally repel moths, ease the mind and much more. Simply squeeze the sachet to reinvigorate the fragrance that will last several months and possibly years!

$ 11.00

Customer Reviews

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Paula H
1st time customer

I love the strong lavender fragrance of the sachets. I shared my order with a friend, who also loved them. The size of the sachets is larger than I expected, which made this a good value for the cost. Thank you for this quality product. I look forward to ordering again.


Fast shipping and great product


Bought these to lessen the roaches because they were suddenly coming out of nowhere. Drastically seeing less, thank God. I may buy more one day for the other rooms :) The scent is also very lovely, of course

Gloria Brady
My Lavender Failed, Yours Did Not

My lavender failed this year. I think I've spotted the problem, but that's another story. Anyway, I needed new sachets to replace the ones I had made myself to protect the sweaters in my armoire. Lavender By the Bay to the rescue! The sachets smell lovely and will keep those nasty moths away. Thank you!

Pamela Carrozza
Lovely Lavender Sachets

I discovered Lavender by the Bay one summer when I was staying in Aquabogue, Long Island. Just the fields in bloom makes you want to buy everything. I took home a bundle of sachets that lasted a long time in my bureau draws. So naturally I had to have more. It's great that I can order a supply on line.