Lavender Essential Oil

$ 14.00


Mother Nature's Magic in a Bottle!

This 10 ml of lavender oil bottle has some of the qualities of true Lavender but with a sweeter smell. Lavender Essential Oil has many aromotherapy benefits. It is also used in many natural skin care lines. Put a drop of this oil on your pillow and you’ll be frolicking through lavender fields in your dreams. *As always, test a small area on the body before applying.

  • 10 ml
  • Natural aromatherapy 
  • Use in essential oil diffuser
  • Natural cleaning agent 
  • Read our blog post here to learn more uses and benefits of lavender essential oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Deborah Stella
Lovely Lavender Scent

I purchased for my husband to help him be calm and relax at bedtime. The lavender scent is beautiful. Works well.

Lauren RBW
Lavender Essential Oil

Delicious smell wafting through the house. Love this scent!

Cheryl Krome
Love Lavender by the bay.

Sachets are amazing, and so is the essential lavender oil.

Amy Stiller
Best quality ever

This is a special lavender oil. I always know Lavender By The Bay is made with care and love. It’s pure. The smell is rich and full like purple velvet on your skin. Soothing and good for you. Calming and relaxing.

The best lavender oil so close to home

I have loved it. It has an actual warmth to it. The scent, of course is amazing! Will be a constant buy for me!