Overview of Union square greenmarket

The Union Square Greenmarket is a great local farmer’s market with a New York City twist. It offers the best of both worlds - regional farmers drive in and give millions of city dwellers access to farm-fresh produce. Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday offering fruit and vegetables, great pretzels, flowers and more, here are 10 good reasons to shop at the market.

1. High-quality products

Caradonna farm apples

In Union Square, farmers literally stand beside their products, so you can bet we’re proud of them! At Lavender by the Bay our lavender is naturally grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides, just like the fruit and vegetables grown by Caradonna Farms.

2. Know your farmer


Come down and meet the farmer who grows what’s in your shopping basket! The farmer’s market gives you the opportunity to talk face-to-face with those who grow/raise/catch what you bring home. You can ask questions, get to know us and even become friends. Together we are a community.

3. Farmers are grateful

Rose meadow farm

Vendors at the farmer’s market are genuinely grateful for your purchase. So much of our success is reliant on you. You’re supporting small businesses and families around New York and helping to build strong communities.  When we say ‘thank you’ we mean it!

4. Unique gifts

Lavender pillow mist

The special thing about buying something at the Greenmarket is that you not only get the product, but you also get the story that goes with it too.  Since 2002, we have been making specialty lavender products.

5. Cultural experience

Cultural experience

The Union Square Greenmarket is one of the busiest farmer’s markets in New York and the world. On average about 100,000 people pass through every day, the energy is electric and makes it an experience to remember. There is a hugely diverse range of people working and shopping at the Greenmarket.  Be sure to grab some food and chill out on one of the benches in the park to soak up the vibrant atmosphere!

6. Greenmarket staff are awesome

Awesome  greenmarket staff

It’s not only the farmers who work at the Greenmarket but also all the wonderful Grow NYC staff who coordinate it! These guys start at 4 am to organize where each vendor will set up, they make sure the vehicles get in and out safely, and they provide information throughout the day. They are so helpful, any questions you have, just ask them!

7. Reduce your carbon footprint

Hawthorne  valley farm

You don’t have to come to us, we come to you. Anything sold at the Greenmarket must be grown within a 250-mile radius of NYC. This means that the fuel cost to transport it is significantly lower than produce flown in from overseas. Most products are not pre-packaged in plastic, so the amount of waste generated is lower too. You can get delicious food and wonderful products all the while helping the environment too.

8. Support local jobs

 Greenmarket staff


The farmer’s market is a team effort with many people who play a part. Of course, there are the farmers but there are also the people who help to transport and sell the products, the city cleaners who come through before and after the market. And not forgetting, the Greenmarket staff!

9. Help low-income New Yorkers


By shopping at the Union Square Greenmarket you’re also supporting low income New Yorkers. SNAP benefits can be used at many stalls. At the end of the day, a lot of produce that’s not sold is donated to food kitchens around the city. You’re playing a part by doing your shopping here too.

10. Great exercise

Union square greenmarket

You can have a more active lifestyle by shopping at the farmer’s market. Carrying bags and walking around counts towards your daily steps. So, in addition to eating healthily and getting relaxing lavender goodies, you get your exercise too! That’s a win-win.

So, when you’ve made your shopping list come down, meet the farmers, and we’ll make sure you have a great experience! 

Niamh Aspell
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