just breathe lavender

Sometimes life can be stressful. Sometimes you need a moment to relax. We all experience different things that create stress in our lives and at the end of the day (or sometimes in the middle or beginning!) it's necessary to just take a moment to relax. We're not stress experts by any means but we know a thing or two about lavender and have just the thing to help promote relaxation, our lavender eye masks!  They are the perfect tool to use in those moments when you need to sit back and relax!


Our lavender eye masks start being made in the fields of our North Fork Farm as English lavender plants. We use the highest quality English lavender in our masks as the delicate, sweet aroma is not too potent being close to the eyes and releases a soft, relaxing scent. Once we’ve grown, picked and dried the English lavender, we filter and keep only the flowers of the plant to be used inside the masks with flaxseed. Flaxseed adds weight and helps to retain temperature so the eye mask can be placed in the freezer for a cool soothing effect. (We think this is especially nice on really warm summer days.) The masks are handmade from the cutting, filling and sewing stages to ensure the highest quality for our lovely customers. The designs of our eye masks are always changing with hand-picked fabric selections from our creative sachet designer, Susan.

Once you have one of our handmade eye masks of your own, it’s simple to use from there. Simply place on your eyes, sit back and let relaxation overcome you! They are also known to alleviate headaches too. Shop Lavender Eye Masks here.


We hope you have a lovely lavender filled day!

*Remember to keep in a ziplock bag if you decided to store in the freezer, as it will help protect it from stains and scents

Emily Thompson