Since mid-June, our Honey Bees have been busy gathering the nectar from our lavender.
With the Lavender Bloom ending, our Honey Bees' hard work also draws to a close.
Get ready to celebrate with delicious unadulterated, raw lavender honey! 🍯
Visit in-person to pick up your 6 oz. jar for $14.
How Honey is Made
In March the Queen lays eggs. When nature starts waking up for the Spring and the flowers start to bloom in April, the bees start filling up the hive with honey.
During the peak Lavender Bloom, bees gather the nectar and transform it into Lavender Honey.

The bees store honey as their energy source throughout the seasons.
All of our honey is ethically harvested, leaving plenty of honey for them to survive throughout the Winter.
The box of honey is known as the "Honey Super." 

After a few weeks the nectar becomes honey. Once the process is complete, the bees close the cells with wax. Once the frame is fully sealed with wax, the honey is ready to be removed and the wax is then decapped.

We put the frames into an extractor, where the device spins and raw honey pours out of the spout ready to be bottled.

Healing with Honey
Honey is the result of a natural process and has numerous healing benefits.
- Phytonutrient powerhouse
- Vitamins & Minerals
- Antioxidant Rich
- Antibacterial
- Antiseptic
    Eat & Enjoy!

    The flavor complexion of lavender honey is certainly one of a kind. as the bee's gather the nectar from our lavender plants to create this specialty treat.  
    Try it for yourself, and let us know.
    Due to high demand and limited supply, lavender honey is sold exclusively in-person in East Marion and Calverton Lavender By the Bay locations.
    Purchase a jar to be transported back to our fields of blooming lavender.
    Get the full lavender honey experience by eating it by itself! Sit back and sink your spoon into the golden hexagon shaped glass jar.
    Watch the heavenly lavender honey drizzle. Turn your utensil like a wand to catch the dripping stream. Lick the bottom of the spoon to prevent a spill. 🥄
    Appreciate the rich texture as the crystals dissolve in your mouth as you taste the strong sweetness and appreciate the silky smooth sensations dancing on your tongue.
    Once you have gotten to know the mild and rounded taste of this special, refined honey, try it on toast, with light butter and honey drizzled on top.

    Looking for an extra special snack? Pair your favorite Goat Cheese with Lavender Honey and you will be back for your next jar!

    Available starting Friday, August 6th, 2021.

    Shop soon while supplies last!

    Due to limited supply, Lavender Honey
    is only available in-person. 


    No Online or Phone Orders.

    There are Limited Daily Quantities, we may sell out!!
    There is a max purchase of 2 jars per adult at NYC Farmers Markets.
    Limit of 4 jars per adult at the farms in Calverton & East Marion. 
    Plan your visit to pick up your jar.
    Jamie Levy