Lavender hydrosol is a refreshing and relaxing multi-purpose spray that is a completely natural derivative of the lavender plant. It has amazing benefits to the skin, is great to use for relaxation and aromatherapy, and as a refreshing, light home spray! 


Lavender hydrosol is made from the water gathered from the steam distillation process of lavender essential oil. Steam and water are moved through the plant matter which captures the steam and oil. The essential oil is then separated, leaving a lovely lavender flower water which is the pure lavender hydrosol containing all of the properties of the plant. Material from the entire lavender plant is used during the distillation process. This results in the lavender hydrosol having an earthy, grassy aroma. The fresh and milder than essential oil scent of the hydrosol makes it a wonderful spray that can be used for many benefits to the body and mind. It’s even safe on children and pets! 

all natural lavender hydrosol

Lavender hydrosol has trace amounts of essential oil, essentially making it a less concentrated version of lavender essential oil   Don’t replace lavender hydrosol for Lavender essential - use them as complimentary products. Lavender hydrosol has many great benefits and uses of its own! 


Lavender hydrosol uses and benefits:

• Tone – Lavender hydrosol has many great benefits to the skin and can be used as a facial toner. It has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties which help to keep your face clean. Additionally, it is very soothing to the skin and will assist in controlling redness and acne. Simply spritz on your face or skin before moisturizing for the best results. Use in the morning and/or at night.

• Hydrate – Lavender hydrosol can help provide extra hydration and moisture to dry skin. Use on your skin before applying any moisturizer, lotion or oil to lock in the moisture of dry skin for extra hydration. 

• Soothe – Lavender has natural soothing properties and has excellent benefits to irritated skin . After a long day in the sun spritz on sun kissed skin for a soothing effect. 

• Relax – Containing the relaxing properties also found in lavender essential oil, lavender hydrosol promotes relaxation. With it’s milder smell it is perfect to use on children for a calming effect and to help promote relaxation and sleep. It can also be used for aromatherapy and to promote relaxation before or after yoga and meditation. 

• Refresh – Not only is lavender hydrosol an excellent spray for the body and mind, it is also a refreshing spritz for your home. It can be used to freshen linens and as an all-natural ironing spray. Keep in mind that the aroma is mild and has no fixative so the scent will fade. 

 Hydrosol in Bathroom

Our Lavender Hydrosol is a 100% pure product from the lavender plant and can be stored on the shelf for 1-2 years. 

Store in a cool, dark place or in the refrigerator for an extra refreshing mist! We always recommend testing a small amount on your skin before using. 

The information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease, nor is it a substitute for medical advice. 

Emily Thompson