Looking for a relaxing break? Come visit our magical lavender fields at the best possible time of year, lose yourself in an ocean of purple, and allow the intoxicating fragrance of lavender to wash over you!  The farms will be reopening in Spring 2023.  Before the blooms begin we will be selling a wide assortment of lavender plants

The Best Time to Visit

We grow both English lavender and French lavender which come into flower and peak at different times. The best time to visit is in early July when the French lavender is at its height.

English Lavender Bloom

Our English lavender blooms first, typically in mid-June. Although this bloom is quite small there is a wonderful variety of lavender plants. Did you know lavender comes in many different colors? We grow over 20 varieties in all types of color such as white, pale blue, pink, purple, light purple, dark purple. This lavender grows to about 2 feet tall but some varieties are even taller and they all have varying traits. At its peak bloom, we harvest them for fresh and dried bunches. 

French Lavender Bloom

The most spectacular time on our farm is when the French lavender blooms in early July. This is the opportune time to visit. Our fields flower to become a magnificent sea of purple and make for the most gorgeous photos.

French lavender grows taller than English lavender. It is the classic intense purple that is seen in the fields of Provence. When the lavender is at its height we call this ‘Peak Bloom’. This is the best time to visit.

We cut the lavender at this time so our fresh and dried bunches look as beautiful as possible. This means that the later you come to see the bloom, the smaller the section of lavender will be. Towards the end of July, a lot of the lavender will have been cut back and what's remaining will have dulled in color and be past its prime. With that being said the flowers will still be bursting with fragrance.

Second English Lavender Bloom

Although the French lavender bloom is by far the most impressive, there is a very small third bloom that is just enough for fresh bunches. The third bloom comes in late summer/early fall when some of our English lavender comes into flower for a second time. Its second bloom is even smaller than the first and not all varieties bloom twice. We harvest this lavender for fresh bunches very soon after it blossoms. 

Each bloom lasts for 2 - 2.5 weeks. However, to ensure our dried lavender bunches look their best, we normally start harvesting after the first week. 

Please note that these dates are approximate. It’s all up to Mother Nature when the lavender actually blooms. To stay updated on the bloom, follow along on our update page, Facebook, and Instagram.

Opening Times

Through April and May, we’ll be open Saturday, and Sunday from 10 AM - 5 PM. If the weather is nice we try to open during the week, please confirm with us before making a special trip during the week.  Both locations will be open 7 days a week from 9 AM - 5 PM June-September.


In order to facilitate an enjoyable experience for all, entry to the fields will require a timed ticket. Time slots are 1.5 hours and tickets will be available as we get closer to the bloom. Sign up to our email list at the bottom of this page to be the first to know when the tickets are released. Updates will also be posted on our update pageFacebook, and Instagram so make sure to follow us there. There will be a ticket entry fee.



We have two locations: Calverton and East Marion. Check out our Directions page for full info on how to find us.


East Marion

We first planted lavender here in 2002. These are the original 'Lavender by the Bay' fields. Our plants here have had a chance to mature and become well established. There are 17 acres of beautiful fields to enjoy at this location. There is also a shop where you can treat yourself to all your favorite lavender goodies!

Of course, the lavender isn't the only thing to see when visiting East Marion. We don't use chemical pesticides on our lavender farm, so how do we deal with pests? Our trusty chickens help us! We allow them to roam throughout the fields so they can eat bugs which might harm the lavender. We put them in their coop at night to keep them safe from predators. Please do not try to touch our hardworking chickens when visiting the fields. They want to chill out in the lavender just like you.


The fields are surrounded by residential housing. Please be mindful of our neighbors when visiting us.



Our fields at Calverton are much bigger in acreage than East Marion. When the lavender comes into bloom here it seems like it stretches off in the distance! We have been growing lavender in Calverton since 2018. The plants here are young and very vigorous. The fields are surrounded by other farms, so tranquility, peace and quiet reign. 

Adirondack Chairs

We have placed Adirondack chairs throughout our fields at East Marion and Calverton for you to sit back and breathe in the calming fragrance of lavender. They're called Adirondack chairs because the style originated in the Adirondack mountains in upstate New York. They are low to the ground and extremely comfortable. Take the opportunity sit back and relax!



Farm Reminders 

Picture taking is always welcome. Please note that professional and extensive photo shoots will require a reservation and a site fee. Please contact us to make photo shoot arrangements. We are a no drone zone! As always, please remember to tag us on Facebook and Instagram with hashtag #lavenderbythebay.

Spring honey should be available in July. Lavender honey hopefully by mid-August.

We're pet friendly, but as we have chickens who free range in our fields, we ask that you ensure your dogs are leashed at all times and that you clean up after them.

In order to maintain the beauty of the fields, food and picnics are not permitted on our property.


Other things to do

While you’re on the North Fork, don’t forget to check out all the other awesome things to do in the area! Come for the lavender, stay for the food and drink, scenery, and vineyards. Our full list of recommendations can be found here.

To prepare for your farm visit, take a look at our Visit, Directions, and FAQ page.
We can’t wait to see all the lavender lovers!
Niamh Aspell