Sheer Lavender Sachet - Set of 2


This decorative mesh sachet features a lovely gold design making it a winner for anyone! Perfect lavender sachet to freshen up linens, closets, luggage or to simple squeeze and smell to release the fragrant (and relaxing!) smell of lavender.

  • 3.5" wide x 5" tall
  • Slight variation in design/size

All of our sachets and pillows are handmade in New York and filled with dried French lavender flowers grown on our North Fork farm on Long Island. Sachets can be used for multiple things including to freshen up linens, closets, drawers, naturally repel moths, ease the mind and much more. Simply squeeze the sachet to reinvigorate the fragrance that will last several months and possibly years!

$ 11.00

Customer Reviews

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nancy marriner
heart lavender sachets

I love the lavender sachets so much that I have gifted them to 3 friends
Thankyou. You are the "gold standard".


These sachets are incredibly fragrant. The sachets are filled with this year’s farm grown
(On Long Island, NY) gorgeous Lavender.
Be it the GOLD mesh or the HEART mesh,
they are filled to the maximum & tied off with
small satin ribbon. So perfect for gifting !
To refresh, just gently squeeze!!!! Thank
you Lavender By The Bay - I live in Florida
and NOT possible to grow. Think FRANCE
and I recommend ordering NOW !!

Katherine Hagan
Smells So Sweet

It was easy to order from the website, and the sachets arrived in just a few days in perfect condition. The lavender smells sooo nice OMG. This is my second order and I will order something again. Zimmie Bozeman, Montana

Lavender sachets and liquid soap

Love the smell. So strong and pure. But the bottles were difficult to open as far as getting the pump up.