Plan for incoming lavender plants.

Having a lavender plant can be a true joy. Don’t get discouraged by not knowing how to care for your plant. That’s why we are here! 


How to succeed with your lavender plant:

  • Sunny spot with a minimum of 6 hours sunlight per day
  • Sandy soil with good drainage
  • Soil with pH 7
  • Plants must be disease free, hardy, and should come from a reliable source

How to Grow Lavender 

Lavender by the Bay has been propagating plants for the past 20 years. There are two methods that we use to propagate plants.

lavender growing

  • Seed method. When the flowers are dried out on the lavender plants (late summer) we harvest the seeds. When winter arrives, we spread the seeds on the ground. The seeds will germinate in late spring and will be ready for transplanting in late summer. The process of growing plants is quite easy and enjoyable to watch what a small seed can eventually grow into. However, it’s a long process which takes time and patience. The seed method of growing plants can only be used with Lavandula angustifolia.
  • Cutting method. This is our preferred method of growing new plants. This is the only possible way to grow new plants from Lavender Intermedia as it doesn’t produce seeds. You can take the cuttings at any time but you’ll need the perfect conditions in order to propagate the lavender.

lavender root

What you’ll need is:

+ Floor Heat Mat

+ Moisture & Climate Control

+ Right humidity in soil

+ pH 7

+ Grow light

 lavender plants

Don’t worry though, you can leave the propagating up to the experts. We'll be selling lavender plants soon at our Greenmarket locations. Plants cannot be ordered online and if you'd like to place a special order for several plants, please send us an email at

plants in lavender field


Chanan Rozenbaum