Nothing says I love you more than.... lavender. Lavender is literally the gift that keeps on giving. It promotes relaxation for the mind, body, and soul. Who doesn't need a bit more relaxation in their life? Go the extra mile this month and show your lover just how much you care for them with more than just a dinner reservation and roses. See our top 3 personally tested ways to impress your lover!


How to impress your lover?

1. Whip up a lavender cocktail

lavender cocktail

    This is our current favorite way to impress someone. Don't just settle for vodka and soda, add lavender extract to that libation and finish with a sprig of lavender. It is THAT easy! If you want to be a little fancier, check out this recipe here.

      2. Give a lavender Massage

        This one takes a little more effort but we believe in you! Trust us, this gesture will pay off in the future. Using our lavender massage oil, give a muscle soothing lavender massage. The oil also doubles as a moisturizer.

          3. Draw a hot lavender bath

            This one is easy! Draw a hot bath, pour a handful of our Lavender Bath Salts in the tub and let your lover sit back and relax. You'll likely get bonus points if you include a candle and the aforementioned lavender cocktail.

              And, to really WIN at Valentine's day go in with a triple threat: Lavender bath with a lavender cocktail and a lavender massage! You'll thank us later.

              Emily Thompson