A friend of ours was sitting in a fancy bar at the St. Pancras train station in London when an aromatic smell caught her attention. They weren't able to place the smell right away but knew it reminded them of something familiar. The bartender informed her that the intoxicating (and memory-evoking!) aroma wafting through the air was burning lavender. The smoke from the burning lavender was being used to smoke and perfume their signature cocktail. After learning this information it immediately clicked, in the mind of our friend, that the smell was reminding them of the blooming lavender fields of our North Fork farm. 

blooming lavender north fork

Delighted to share their moment with us, we couldn't help but share the story with you too! This story reminded us of the true strength of lavender.

It has a special power when inhaling its aroma that travels straight to the brain and often triggers memories of the past when the smell was present. Stop and smell the lavender and see what moments flood your mind! 

Now, back to the smoked lavender cocktail which can be found at the Booking Office Bar in the Renaissance Hotel at the St Pancras station.

The cocktail is called Purple Heart, of course, and calls for:

2 parts Belvedere Vodka

2 parts lychee juice

1 part fresh lime juice

1/2 lavender syrup

Violet sugar rim

purple heart cocktail

So, when in the train station in London, head to the bar, order a Purple Heart and smell the smoking lavender to see what memories flood your mind. Hopefully, those of our North Fork farm in full bloom! If you can't make it to London, grab a bag of our culinary English lavender to whip up a cocktail of your own. Don't forget to garnish with a sprig of English lavender for the perfect touch! 

What does the smell of lavender remind you of? We'd love your comments below. 

Emily Thompson