French Lavender for Crafting- 1/2 lb. Bag

$ 15.00


Great For Filling Your Own Sachets

These 8-ounce bags are filled with our fragrant loose dried French lavender. Make a lavender sachet or use it for whatever craft project you have planned to scent your linens, drawers, and home with the soothing smell of lavender.

Customer Reviews

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This lavender smells amazing. Better than anything you can buy in a craft store or even from most larger sellers. The blooms are whole with very little dust or broken bits at the bottom. Exceptional quality!

Sharon Lynch
The Best Lavender

I have been purchasing lavender from this farm for years
It is always perfect
And I love small businesses 🥰

Denise Petz
Loose Dried French Lavender

Lavender is the best scent! There is nothing like French lavender buds in bowls around the house, as well as dried lavender bundles! Thank you, Lavender by the Bay! Outstanding service!

Fred Leinweber
Excelland Service

I was very impressed when I was notified during the ordering process as being shipped and received. You rarely are told anything by any other seller. The product is excellent. My wife purchased your products in NYC at Union Square in the past and it was always wonderful.

Lazy Girl's Grateful Boon

As a modest but devoted home gardener and grower of lavender, I know well the tremendous work and time involved in cultivating, cutting, drying, and painstakingly harvesting by hand from each inflorescence to glean such a lovely and ample packet of flowers. Maybe you have some kind of gentle cotton gin-type mechanism to aid your efficiency; regardless, the outcome is wonderful, and perfect (mixed with rice to add a pleasant conforming weight and to moderate what otherwise produces what many find almost too fragrant an aroma) for my vegetable-dyed French linen eye pillows and sachets, hand-sewn as slow-made gifts — meditation for me, and a bit of tranquility and drawer-freshening for kith and kin. Thank you! Your lavender leaps me over the tedium liable to trip me up otherwise, and provides for far more gifts than possible by my own modest harvest.