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Lavender Bloom - CALVERTON thru June 24th
Lavender Bloom - CALVERTON thru June 24th

Lavender Bloom - CALVERTON thru June 24th

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We're excited to announce we are in the middle of our English lavender bloom! Our English lavender blooms first, typically in mid-June. This year, the bloom arrived early. The English bloom is significantly smaller than our French bloom, so ticket entry price will be lower: $7 per person ages 5+. We currently have approximately 4 acres in bloom  In order to ensure social distancing and help control traffic flow, tickets will be sold in advance.  Each time slot is 90 minutes.  

Although the English is smaller, there is a wonderful variety of lavender plants. Did you know lavender comes in many different colors? We grow over 20 varieties in all types of color such as white, pale blue, pink, purple, light purple, dark purple. Some English lavenders grow to about 1-2 feet tall but some varieties are even taller and they all have varying traits. At its peak bloom, we harvest it for fresh and dried bunches.


We will be welcoming visitors to our lavender fields starting this weekend! We ask that you please observe the following changes we have made to ensure the safety of our staff and visitors during this time. We appreciate your help in ensuring another wonderful lavender season, and hope to see you soon!

In order to ensure proper social distancing as a courtesy to our vulnerable/ unvaccinated customers, tickets must be purchased in advance on our website.

While outdoors, vaccinated individuals are not required to wear masks. Please be mindful of social distancing from those not in your party.

Tickets are for entry into the fields only.  Guests can arrive anytime within their 90 minute window but must exit the fields at the end of their allotted time-slot.

Each member of your party ages 5+ must have a ticket.

Ticket sales are final, we are rain or shine: please check your dates before you purchase, no refunds
To keep our farms beautiful, we do not allow food on the premises.

Please be aware that these reserved tickets are not to be used for professional photo shoots. Please email us at for more information about scheduling a photoshoot at our locations.

Buses and limousines are not allowed at the farm.

We are a no-drone zone
As a reminder, the flowering fields get smaller as the bloom progresses as we cut for fresh and dried bunches.


See you Soon!!

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